How to Bet On Football Online?

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The simplified form of betting on football is the fulltime result type, with two betting sorts being the most common – 1X2 (Win/Draw/Lose) and Asian Handicap.

With 1X2 betting, you can bet on any team to win or for the match that can end in a draw. This form of betting is often referred to as 3-way betting. Asian Handicap was primarily created to eradicate the draw as an option and to make one-sided matches more captivating. Bookmakers will offer you a goal handicap that is added to one team’s fulltime score or subtracted from the other.

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The regular length of a football match is 90 minutes. With many games, it’s not uncommon to see two or three minutes of added injury time, but it still counts as an average time for betting. Extra time or penalty shootout are not calculated in usual 3-way bets.

Match 1X2 Odds Explained:

If you are asking yourself you can bet on the football teams; then the match results is the most common answer. The match result betting is often called 1X2 betting, and it’s easy to learn to read 1X2 odds. The one signifies one team (the home club), the X means the draw and the two indicates the opposing team (usually the away team). The match result is the most common form of football betting, that is along with Asian handicaps.

Note: When betting in knockout tournaments, there is a potential for extra time to be played. If this does happen, then the 1X2 betting will only cover the regulation for 90 minutes. If you have placed a bet on the match to end in a draw, then your chance is a winner through the extra time that will be played. If you have bet on either team to win and the game will go on for extra time, your bet is lost.

Asian Handicap Odds Explained:

Another favorite way of betting on online football betting sites is the Asian Handicap market. Recently, the years of popularity and Asian Handicap betting has exploded on the scene, and vast amounts of money are being bet on Football handicaps every other weekend.

Double chance odds:

A Double Chance bet will allow you to bet on two of the three possible outcomes of a football match in one bet. In a Double Chance bet, you can bet on the following fulltime result combinations:

>> Home Win / Draw

>> Away Win / Draw

>> Home Win / Away Win

Correct Score Odds Explained:

A Correct Score bet is betting on the exact fulltime scoreline of a given football match. These bets are general with casual bettors as the odds on any selection are usually long.

A popular Correct Score betting strategy is to bet on a combination of Correct Scores. This is referred to as ‘dutching.’ If you think a particular match is going to finish 2-0 to the home side, you can pick this as your Correct Score bet. However, you can also cover a range of potential score lines, not just the 2-0. For more information, you can visit Fifa55 แทงบอล.

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