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Bingo is a house and people genuinely love playing it. This the games which older people love to play, it’s one of the ladies favourite games to hang out play with her kitty friends. Bingo is also a game of chance like any other in the casino. But there are lesser risks involved and you can’t really form a strategy in this game. Check the best bingo sites 2017  here.

How it is played

It is one of the simplest games to master and you don’t have a whole to remember. In this game you can purchase multiple cards and play, this way you are increasing your chances of winning but you should be alert when the numbers are called and check all your cards. Playing with one card is also fun. It depends on the player on what he/she wants to do.

This games runs to packed houses as it’s a game where you can sit and play leisurely. You just have to mark the numbers that have been called, which have to be present on your card. The first five numbers ticked horizontally or vertically or diagonally get the prize or if all the numbers on your card are called out, you have a full house and win the jackpot.

Many casinos offer bingo at specific timings wherein you could just pay for the number of sessions and the number cards you want to play at a time. This game really gets you hooked and if the announcer of the number is really funny he/she could generate a laugh or two.

Whenever you have achieved the target you have to yell bingo. The host will check the card for you and declare the winner. The prizes are brought to the winner. The best part is that the player is allowed to bring drinks and snacks to the game, which makes it a whole lot exciting.

With advent of technology you can play handheld bingo devices which scan for the numbers called and alert you and which card is a winner this way you can play multiple cards.

How to play bingo online

Playing bingo online is similar it’s that you play in the comfort of your home or any other space and play it in your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC etc. Here you can play with others who are present in chat rooms. Some online bingo platforms allow three cards to a player and the computer chooses random numbers and you have click onto your cards to mark if the number exists on your cards.

If the player is able to meet the requirement of the game then he/she can hit the bingo button present on the screen.There are a number now online best bingo sites of 2017, games on offer by some of them are

  • Bingo diamond
  • Sky bingo
  • PP bingo
  • Dabber

And many more here you will have many bingo offers of 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball offer, 50 ball and 30 ball offers. And other unique games for your taste which may excite from the normal play.