Types of Online Casino Bonuses

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In this write-up, you will learn about the various types of bonuses made available by online casinos. If you are a first-timer or you want to brush up your knowledge in casino bonuses, then you will find the information provided here to be helpful and deeply informative.

The various types of bonuses on online casinos

The various types of bonuses available are highlighted below. Bear in mind that the names used for these bonuses vary from one online casino to another.

  • Welcome bonus: This is the most common type of bonus made available by online casinos, and they are provided to their newly registered clients. Virtually all online casinos provide this type of bonus to their newly registered members.
  • First deposit bonus: This type of bonus, on the other hand, is given to every client as they make their first deposits. This bonus is added to the first deposit made by the player, and it is added only to the first deposit ever made by that client on that online casino. None of the subsequent deposits will ever attract the bonus. Most times, the bonus is 100% of the deposit. Consequently, the value of bonus you can get is determined by the amount you have deposited. You might also have come across some Podcasts by Mason Jones.

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  • Sign up bonus: This bonus is related in a way to the welcome bonus. As its name implies, this bonus is given to the client after they have signed up for that online casino.
  • No deposit bonus: The client does not have to deposit before he is given a bonus. Consequently, you can play casino without risking your own money. Bear in mind that No Deposit bonus attracts a lot of restriction before you can make a withdrawal of your winnings. You may also need to deposit your own money before you can make withdrawals. You may also not be permitted to play certain casino games using a No Deposit bonus to play.
  • Monthly deposit bonus: As its name implies, the bonus is given on monthly basis once the player makes a deposit. As is the case with the First Deposit Bonus, the Monthly Deposit Bonus is also usually 100% of your first deposit in that month
  • Payment method bonus: This is the bonus given to players that deposit a particular deposit method. It is not as common as any of the other types of bonus earlier discussed.
  • High roller casino bonuses: This is the type of bonus given to high-risk players, and the bonus is given in line with the amount risked by the player.
  • Refer a friend bonus: It is given to a registered casino player for inviting a friend. It is also not common.


As hinted earlier, the bonuses are usually 100%. Consequently, you must smell foul play if you see any bonus more than 200%. Such bonuses usually have uncomfortable terms and conditions attached to them. Read terms and conditions before you accept any bonus.