How to play the domino qiu qiu game through online?

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The domino qiu qiu 99 is played by using a set that contains double six dominoes. In Indonesia, it is played in the form of small cards and it will be discarded after a few games because they show the sign of wear. In this game the players should pay a fixed ante into a pot and after that they will deal with three dominos cards. After that each player will evaluate their cards in turn and can bet if there is no bettor previously. If there is a previous bettor available, then the players will call and rise otherwise the player will fold it.

If there is only one bettor available in the first round, then the game ends and the bettor will take the pot and he has no need to show his cards. Otherwise each player who did not dealt with the fourth card should enter the next level of betting and this betting will have some limits according to the levels. After the final level of betting, the players who did not fold in the game should show his cards and should declare his hand. The pot will be taken by the players who have the highest hand.

About domino qiu qiu 99 game play

In domino qiu qiu 99, the cards will be formed into pairs where the each and every pair should be summed where only the units digits to be considered. The highest pair that is possible in the game is 9 or kiu. The highest pair will be compared first and then the next pair. There are some conditions in ranking the pairs in the order of 9 from the highest.

  • The total pips which are on the four dominoes should be equal to each other or it should be greater than 38 and the number may get vary according to the houses.
  • The total pips on the four dominoes should not be less than 9 and this is considered as the low.
  • There should be four double dominoes available.

The fourth hand is considered as the special and it takes the rank below qiu-qiu but it is above all the other non-special hands. The four dominoes whose pips will have consecutive total is considered as the straight one and for this hand the ranking could be declared below 5 which is the lower ranking or kiu-5.