How to Save Your Bankroll in Online Poker

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If you are into online poker, you can’t expect to win all the time. Just like playing it live, you’ll also get some losses. Even the best players lose too so don’t be discouraged. You have to keep in mind that the chances of losing in an online poker is more prominent as playing requires more discipline, patience and control. The players also seem to be stronger and invincible since you can’t see their reaction while playing. Losing is inevitable but it you can at least minimize the effects. Here are some ways to save your online bankroll when playing poker qq online.

  • Play within your means

The most important concept that you have bear in mind is to play within your bankroll. Remember that in online poker, you are playing against everyone who’s playing on your table. So if poker was a game of zero-sum, you’ll most likely go broke. However, if you’ve been playing a lot longer and has somehow gotten a winning streak, you can get a positive ROI in no time.

  • Try not to check you balance all the time

In online poker, you only need to click one button to check your balance. This tends to make you wary of your balance all the time.  When you’re doing well, you feel good when you look at your balance. However, it would only take one downswing to dampen your mood and spirit. Seeing that small amount will make your feel desperate and impulsive that you want to get it back as soon as you can. The tendency is that you won’t be playing with a level mind anymore.

  • Be serious about the game

Just like playing live poker, every mistake that you make counts. Hence, you have to make informed decisions. The more mistakes you make, the more money you lose and you don’t want that. Take the game seriously. Limit distractions that will take away your focus on the game. Play because you want to and not because you have nothing better to do. Otherwise, you’ll just be making some dumb moves.

  • Take a Break

Unlike the computer dealer, you are human and you have needs. You have to take a break once in a while so you can eat or rest when you’re feeling sleepy or sick. If you are not feeling so good, chances are you won’t be doing so well when playing online poker. If you’re hungry, take some time off and eat. If you’re uncomfortable, find a place and position where you can feel secure. If you’re exhausted, rest for a while.

  • Recognize tilt when you see one

Considered as the prime bankroll killer in situs judi poker, tilt is usually brought about by the breaking of rules or a combination thereof or even something simple like a bad beat. It can drive you into a frenzy of uninformed decisions. Tilt is usually personal though it varies from one individual to the other. It can be avoided but you cannot do so all the time. When you do recognize this move, treat it as a sign to log out and do something else. Tilt will affect your game and can definitely maximize your losses.

Since online poker is a game of chances and informed decisions, you have to make sure that you follow the rules. Otherwise, you’ll end up incurring massive losses. Going broke isn’t part of your plan. Be vigilant and diligent when playing so you can easily recognize one wrong move before you let go of your cards. Learn when to stop. Poker will still be there when you wake up in the morning.